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Willdan Innovates and Explores New Solutions

Willdan is an innovator in program delivery, evaluating and using advanced solutions that lead to the deployment of new technology, revenue sources, and advances in policy. Our team includes professional engineers, experts with decades of experience in their fields, and consultants with advanced degrees in engineering, economics, operations research, customer behavior, and grid analytics.

Our compliance expertise makes us the ideal company to turn to for feasibility studies, business case assessment, policy evaluation, and new advanced technology assessments.

We contract with research entities across the country, including the California Energy Commission (CEC), New York State Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and Consolidated Edison. Willdan continues to explore new horizons, markets, and synergies between new technology and policy.

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Willdan provides public agencies with strategic solutions to electrify buses and city fleets. We have connected customers to over $500M in EV incentives, rebates, and grants.

Highlighted Project

The following project demonstrates Willdan’s expertise conducting technical studies and evaluating new technologies.


California Energy Commission (CEC) and
South Coast Air Quality Management District

Bundle-Based Energy Efficiency Technology Solutions for California (BEETS)

The CEC awarded Willdan a $4 million grant to demonstrate emerging energy-efficiency technologies through the Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC). Willdan developed three bundles of pre-commercial technologies for the following spaces: laboratory and critical environments, office and exterior spaces, and chilled water plants. These technologies will be demonstrated at the South Coast Air Quality Management District headquarters facility in Diamond Bar, California to test scalability in the larger California commercial market.

The featured technologies include chillers using a new refrigerant that does not deplete the ozone layer; LED fixtures with integrated, advanced controls; an advanced building management system; direct current lighting systems; advanced ventilation and laboratory fume hood exhaust systems; wirelessly integrated plug load controls; and a platform capable of demand response.

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Willdan has performed studies and evaluated new technologies in the interest of advancing energy use and operational efficiencies for the following markets: