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We believe in helping organizations and their communities evolve and thrive as resources and infrastructure change. Willdan is a leading, nationwide provider of trusted, comprehensive solutions that are supported by our talented team of experts and advanced software applications.

We design and deliver proven solutions to improve efficiency and resiliency in: Energy and Sustainability, Engineering, Program Administration, Economics and Strategic Planning, and Software, Emerging Technology, and R&D.

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Press Release

Willdan’s Subsidiary, Lime Energy, Wins $18 Million Contract to Support Glendale Water & Power’s Clean Energy Transformation

"Glendale Water & Power (GWP) has awarded Lime Energy an $18 million, seven-year contract..."
Press Release

Willdan Announces Chief Financial Officer Transition

"Willdan Group, Inc. announced that Creighton (Kim) Early, currently Executive Vice President of Willdan Energy Solutions, will become Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Willdan Group, Inc..."
Press Release

LoadSEER and Integral Analytics Continue as Integrated Grid Planning Software Solution in California

"California’s largest Investor Owned Utility is deploying the latest version of the Integral Analytics LoadSEER software application to provide spatial load..."

Highlighted Projects

Transportation Management and Operations Plan sample map

City of Inglewood, CA

Transportation Management and Operations Plan for NFL Stadium

Willdan is developing a Transportation Management and Operations Plan (TMOP) for the new NFL Stadium being constructed in Inglewood, CA. The TMOP will provide public information, minimize traffic congestion, reduce unwarranted traffic through surrounding neighborhoods, promote the use of alternative modes of transportation, and manage traffic on event days. We have worked closely with the City of Inglewood and numerous stakeholders to implement components of the TMOP for the NFL Stadium’s July 2020 opening. The TMOP is a living document that will be updated over time as infrastructure and transit improvements change traffic and parking patterns.

Minnesota Department of Commerce

Minnesota Storage Economics: Solar + Storage Now, Stand-Alone in 2025

In response to state legislation passed last year, Energy and Environmental Economics (E3, a Willdan Company) recently completed a Minnesota energy storage cost-benefit analysis following a competitive search by the study’s sponsor, the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

E3’s analysis, which considered a wide range of storage systems that could be deployed in Minnesota over the next five to 10 years, found that solar plus storage is cost-effective today, and that stand-alone storage may become cost-effective in 2025.

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Tailored, Connected Solutions

Energy and Sustainability

Energy and Sustainability

Willdan creates customized, effective solutions for your unique energy needs and sustainability goals. We modernize electric grids and introduce new resources for added resiliency. We'll help facility owners design and deliver energy efficiency projects and energy roadmaps for long-term system and resource planning.

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Willdan will guide your project from its initial analysis phase, through design and construction, to post-inspection, with a focus on safety and compliance. Willdan has been performing engineering services for more than 55 years and has a team of subject-matter experts to serve all aspects of engineering projects.

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Program Administration

Program Administration

Willdan will customize solutions to meet your program administration needs. We manage the detailed processes of program design, training, and staffing your projects to ensure success. We have experience managing more than 70 programs across the country.

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Strategic Planning

Economics and Strategic Planning

Willdan facilitates in-depth economic and strategic planning for our clients to ensure project success. We offer financing and revenue optimization, planning, risk assessment, and policy services to support your short-term and long-term goals. Our team includes experts across several fields – including finance, accounting, sustainability, and engineering who inform our evaluations and plans.

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Software, Emerging Technology, R&D

Our software harnesses advanced analytics and has been used by utilities across the nation for energy forecasting and load relief. Willdan invests in research and development to bring our clients the latest in trusted technology, to predict changes and challenges in energy, and to create new, effective ways to address them.

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