Construction Management

Put Your Construction Project in Safe Hands

For decades, our clients have counted on us to deliver construction projects on-time, within budget, and with high standards of safety, efficiency, and work quality. Our highly experienced engineering staff provide expertise in every step of project delivery, use best practices in safety and time management, and can offer technical advice for the projects they manage. Our field supervisors hold licenses and certifications such as Professional Engineers (civil, mechanical, and electrical), Certified Energy Managers, and LEED Certification.

We are national leaders in direct installation for energy upgrade utility programs and can provide construction management for your direct install project. Our team guides and coordinates subcontractors to complete work to specification and on time.

We can manage energy retrofits for all types of facilities, as well as complex public works projects with multiple sites, with an eye for safety, savings and efficiency.

We provide Public Works CM and Inspection and GIS services for cities, and for state and federally funded projects.

Highlighted Project

Rialto Rails-to-Trails

City of Rialto, CA

Construction Management for Rails-to-Trails Project

Willdan provided construction management services for the award-winning Rails-to-Trails project, which linked transportation networks and established a 21-mile route between Rialto and Claremont for walkers, runners, and bicyclists. Willdan managed all phases of construction – including constructability review, bid selection, coordination with the utility and general contractor, construction oversight, and monitoring federal labor compliance and project schedule and costs.

Willdan successfully handled requests for information, submittals, change orders, and project closeout, delivering this $4 million project on-time and within budget. The City of Rialto won an Achievement Award for Sustainability from the Southern California Association of Governments for this project.

Bolivar Runoff Capture simulation

City of Lakewood, CA

Bolivar Park Stormwater and Runoff Capture Project

Willdan provides construction management and public works observation services for an innovative, $9 million stormwater capture project in Bolivar Park. Lakewood is the first city in California to repurpose their stormwater in this way, transitioning almost entirely away from the use of drinking water for park irrigation.

The City will capture water during light to moderate rainfall in the Los Cerritos Channel using an inflatable dam, then pump the water to a reservoir beneath Bolivar Park, where it will be cleaned and used to irrigate the park. Some of the water from the reservoir will seep into the ground beneath it, replenishing groundwater aquifers. As part of this project, Willdan oversees the construction of a 2.9 million-gallon underground storage reservoir, a 20 cubic-foot-per-second pump station, and a rubber dam that will act as a channel diversion.

Harvey County Courthouse Energy Upgrades

Harvey County Courthouse - Newton, KS

Construction Management for System Upgrades

Our team worked closely with Harvey County administrators to develop a comprehensive solution to address the maintenance, comfort, and energy savings needs of their facilities. Willdan managed the successful delivery of the resulting construction project, including window replacements, the installation of a new high-efficiency geothermal heat pump and HVAC controls, plumbing fixture replacements, and LED upgrades. We prioritized facility improvements that provided more immediate paybacks through energy savings to help Harvey County offset the costs of more capital-intensive system upgrades.

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