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Willdan’s team has a wide breadth of planning expertise to prepare you and your community for future policies, resource changes, and contingencies. Our long-term plans are informed by our advanced forecasting software, hands-on engineering experience, and our knowledge of policy. We support both big-picture and detailed sustainability planning, plan reviews, in-depth analysis for resource planning and procurement, energy master planning, economic development strategic planning, environmental permitting and urban planning.

Through Energy and Environmental Economics (E3), a Willdan Company, we provide Resource Planning and Procurement services to utilities, local governments, and large energy users. assists utilities, local governments, and large energy users. We provide custom market analysis to support transactions in energy, capacity, renewable energy credits, and emissions allowances.

Highlighted Project

Hawaiian Electric Company

Cost-Effective Pathways to 100% Renewables in Hawai‘i

Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) is mandated by the state to meet a 100% renewable portfolio standard (RPS) by the end of 2045. To map out the transition, HECO needs to work with a diverse array of stakeholders, including state and local governments, private landowners, the tourism industry, renewable energy developers, consumer advocates, and environmentalists.

HECO hired E3, a Willdan Compnay, based on our experience in modeling electricity systems; our groundbreaking work in long-term, high-RPS planning in California and New York; and our unbiased, fact-based approach to working with utilities, regulators, environmentalists, and other stakeholders.

Using our Renewable Integration Solutions Model (RESOLVE), we provided several least cost plans for achieving a 100% RPS. HECO drew upon this work to develop the PSIP update, which it submitted to the Hawai‘i Public Utilities Commission in December 2016.

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What Our Customers Say

E3 provided our Company with outstanding support in preparing our PSIP filing. We could not have done it without E3.

Todd Kanja, General Manager, System Planning at Hawaiian Electric Company

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