Energy and Sustainability

Willdan Customizes Solutions to Meet All Your Energy Needs

Willdan is an industry-leading energy solutions provider and sustainability consultant. Our core energy and sustainability services feature electric grid optimization, energy efficiency, and energy planning, and energy design assistance. We create customized, effective solutions to your unique energy needs and sustainability goals. Our innovative, industry-leading tools and processes support every stage of your project, from design through installation. Our Energy Design Assistance uses real-time energy modeling to optimize your project design to meet your goals, reduce energy use, and save money.

Our nationwide team specializes in energy engineering, renewable generation, electric vehicle fleets and infrastructure, program management, microgrids, financing, data analysis, software development, and other fields. Willdan has avoided the emission of ~5,400,000 MT of CO2 equivalent into the atmosphere through projects saving electricity and therms. Our award-winning results help position our clients as leaders in the industry.

Our Energy Projects' Impact







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MWh delivered

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Many of our clients are industry leaders who are winning accolades and awards for leading their industry in energy and sustainability nationwide. Willdan's clients include markets in every sector - private and public clients, small mom-and-pop shops, Fortune 500 companies, and more.