Grid Optimization

Grid Optimization

Willdan Understands Grid Optimization

Willdan has hands-on experience designing and implementing power systems that include distributed energy resources and renewables such as Solar PV, energy storage, cogeneration, Wind, and Fuel Cells. We have the expertise to bring these together as part of a microgrid, the software to guide where and when these are dispatched, and can help grid owners properly optimize these resources on their grid.

Our team of technical experts and grid modernization software helps make electric grids more reliable and resistant to disasters, load increases, and unexpected outages. We’ve helped our clients solve aging infrastructure issues, move toward resiliency, and address increases in energy demand through electrification, automated demand response systems, and load procurement.

We’ve developed advanced analytics software that intelligently determines what resources you need for your grid, when, and where.

Highlighted Project

Queens College Electric Vehicle to Grid

Queens College

Electric Vehicle to Grid (V2G)

Willdan helped Queens College integrate six electric vehicles (EV-Nissan Leaf) to the campus and add charging stations that are connected to the grid and allow the vehicles to serve multiple purposes, including energy storage. Five V2G bidirectional charging stations and one traditional, unilateral charging station, each offer 10 kW of power. This new approach to campus energy allows Queens College to draw from 60 kW of back-up power during critical loads.

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