PG&E Health Care Energy Efficiency Program

hospital energy efficiency

Pacific Gas & Electric's Healthcare Energy Efficiency Program (HEEP) enables medical facilities to lower energy use and utility costs while increasing operational efficiency, conserving natural resources and reducing air emissions. HEEP offers a combination of financial incentives, energy audits, engineering analysis, implementation oversight, and retro-commissioning assistance to help facility owners and managers upgrade their existing equipment with new, energy-efficient equipment and controls.

HEEP offers a “one-stop” solution to help PG&E healthcare customers identify energy efficiency improvements and qualify for incentive/rebate dollars to help offset the cost of implementing these measures. Our team will guide customers through the application process and complete all the necessary paperwork, making the process easy.

HEEP targets healthcare facilities receiving electric and/or gas service from PG&E, including medical office buildings, skilled nursing facilities, acute care hospitals, and other ancillary building types. To ensure that the program is successful and straightforward, PG&E contracts with Willdan Energy Solutions, a third-party energy efficiency specialist, to implement the services.

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Eligibility Requirements

Hospitals, medical office buildings, and skilled nursing homes may be eligible. Other medical facilities may be eligible upon PG&E’s approval.

Energy Efficiency Measures Covered

HEEP supports retrofitting and retrocommissioning measures for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Lighting, and Speciality Equipment.

Support from Inception to Inspection

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HEEP Incentive Chart

HEEP works closely with participating facilities to optimize financial value for the client. The chart below illustrates HEEP incentives: all incentives are capped at 50% of project costs. In addition to these measures listed below, Willdan also pays deemed rebates for projects.

Measure $/peak kW $/kW
Targeted Lighting $150 $.12
Other Equipment $150 $.12
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration $150 $.12
Retrocomissioning $75 Custom up to $.06
Electric "To Code" Measures $75 Custom up to $.06
Natural Gas $1.25 per therm