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Enjoy this light-hearted version of our history we put together for employees.

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Willdan Celebrates 50 Years

Established in 1964, Willdan had a single contract and a single purpose - to guide the building of the City of Dairy Valley (now the City of Cerritos).

Located in the heart of the greater Los Angeles/Orange County region, Dairy Valley was an eight square mile concentration of dairy farms facing the pressures of rapid urbanization. The Dairy Valley City Council commissioned William Stookey, then Fullerton City Engineer, and Dan Heil, former Fullerton Deputy City Engineer who had recently formed Heil Engineering, to prepare and implement a comprehensive City plan that identified the planned community development of the current City of Cerritos. William and Dan formed a partnership, Willdan Associates. In that first office in a trailer behind Dairy Valley City Hall, they hammered out innovative solutions to the area's development challenges which would go on to transform municipal redevelopment and funding processes.

Engineering services expanded throughout California, Nevada and Arizona. Willdan Engineering participated in some of the Southwest's most significant projects, including California's statewide structural bridge retrofit, major disaster recovery, interstate freeway improvements, and national award-winning flood control projects.

In 1999, Willdan acquired one of the nation's largest municipal finance consultants, MuniFinancial, now Willdan Financial Services, dramatically expanding the breadth of financial consulting it offered to cities, counties, districts and other public agencies.

In 2001, it expanded its geotechnical division, adding a certified nuclear lab and new expertise.

In 2005, as cities, counties, and other agencies faced an increasing need for homeland security training, planning, and other emergency preparedness services, Willdan created its homeland solutions division.

In 2006, Willdan Group, Inc. became a publicly traded company (NASDAQ:WLDN), generating an infusion of resources that would enable it to expand into new areas.

In 2008, Willdan acquired Intergy Corporation, now Willdan Energy Solutions, which supplies specialized energy, water, and resource management services to utilities, local and federal government agencies, hospitals, schools, and private enterprises. Willdan now provides innovative and effective solutions for energy efficiency, water conservation, and renewable generation from about a dozen offices across the country.

In 2015, Willdan expanded its energy engineering services by acquiring Abacus Resource Management, based in the Pacific Northwest and 360 Energy Engineers, in the Midwest, bringing strong performance contracting and building engineering capabilities. In 2016, Genesys Engineering P.C. also brought larger-scale power engineering and cogeneration skills in the New York area.

In 2017, Willdan acquired Integral Analytics, a recognized leader in data analytics that help utility managers evaluate, plan and dispatch electricity resources more effectively. 

Today, as Willdan enters its second half century, we continue to concentrate on delivering superior solutions to our core market--public agencies, big and small. As the needs of public agencies have grown and diversified, we have balanced our expanded services and geography with the community sensitivity and direct service of our local offices. We remain as committed today as we were at our inception to extending both the reach and the resources of our clients.