Highlighted Projects

The following projects have been completed as part of our delivery of utility programs.

Willdan demonstrates exemplary performance for our utility customers — from launching the largest direct-install program in the nation for ConEdison NY to driving high energy savings in hard-to-reach communities for Puget Sound Energy.

ConEdison NY

Commercial Direct Install Program

Willdan has implemented Consolidated Edison’s Commercial Direct Install Program (CDI, formerly the Small Business Direct Install Program) since 2009. This program provides small businesses with energy savings through direct installation of lighting, HVAC, controls, and refrigeration measures. Within this program, Willdan has conducted more than 95,000 energy efficiency surveys and completed over 33,000 energy retrofit projects, providing more than 650,000 MWh of electric savings to date.

For this program, Willdan recruits and trains subcontractors for sales, outreach, and installation, conducting regular trainings every month for safety and customer acquisition strategy. Willdan handles applications, incentive processing, data management, and reporting procedures. Willdan continues to vet new technologies to integrate into the program to provide innovative opportunities for Con Edison customers.

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)

Local Capacity Procurement Program (LCPP)

Willdan implements SDG&E's LCPP, which offers incentives to facility owners who are interested in retrofitting their HVAC systems or replacing their chillers. These energy-efficiency and renewable energy project installations will deliver 18 MW of incremental replacement capacity by 2022.

The LCPP was established by the California Public Utility Commission’s landmark 2014 “Track 4 Decision,” which was prompted by the permanent retirement of the San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station. The decision authorized SDG&E to procure between 500 MW and 800 MW of incremental replacement capacity by 2022. Of this amount, at least 200 MW must come from “preferred resources,” including cost-effective energy efficiency, demand response, renewable resources, distributed generation, and energy storage solutions.