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Integral Analytics: Grid edge software

Utilities face many risks: reliability risk, capacity shortages, price spikes, congested transmission, the evolving grid edge, among others.

Since 2006, Integral Analytics has developed and delivered the electric industry’s highest-performing data-science software that allows utilities and grid-edge participants to plan, forecast, value, invest and execute change on the distribution system. Our applications form the analytics core for decision making that supports the evolution of the electric utility while preserving reliability and lowest cost to operate.

Greentech Media awarded Integral Analytics its 2016 Grid Edge and 2015 Fierce Innovation awards, citing "real-time and decades-ahead scope of distributed energy resource (DER) integration."

In July 2017, Integral Analytics was acquired by Willdan Group, Inc., helping to better serve its utility clients.

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Integral Analytics

  • Market leader in grid and supply analytics for Planning, Operations, Demand-Side Management, Storage and DER Valuation, Integration and Optimization
  • Products deliver granular, actionable intelligence to utilities and others to bridge long-range forecasting with near-term operational needs
  • Patented architecture and methodology, based on least cost principles
  • Scalable platform for emerging system regulations in California, New York, Massachusetts, Texas, Arizona, etc.
  • 40+ utility customers
  • 500 million customer load shapes

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