Safety and Operations Training

Highlighted Project

New York State Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)

First Line of Defense Training

Willdan and our subcontractor, Archangel Associates Inc, have supported the MTA during Phases I, II, and II of the Security Awareness Training Program. Willdan conducted a needs assessment of past and current MTA curriculums and identified core competencies throughout the MTA. For each phase, Willdan led the development of course content to meet MTA's needs.

Our team created short, scripted videos to facilitate the students' comprehension of key knowledge, skill, and ability areas. As part of Phase III, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) approved Willdan's First Line of Defense course to be included in a sponsored course catalog. To date, our team of instructors has delivered over 3,500 courses and trained over 20,840 New York State MTA personnel.