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We provide clients with risk assessment services to enable them to make informed decisions about their future and prepare for contingencies.

UASI Exercises and THIRA Scenarios

City and County of San Francisco Bay Area UASI Yellow Command

Exercises and THIRA Scenarios

Willdan has supported the San Francisco Bay Area UASI in the design, development, delivery, and evaluation of several of its Yellow Command Exercises since 2013. These exercises aimed to engage all levels of Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) in the region and promote coordination between jurisdictions and agencies in response to the potential of an incident occurring throughout the region. Exercises consisted of both full-scale and functional elements, including notification, communication, and on-scene response operations.

In preparation for Super Bowl 50, Willdan helped evaluate and mitigate risks for the large-scale event. We supported the plan and delivery of a Bay Area Emergency Operations Center (EOC) functional exercise that included live tactical field play, based on Threats and Hazards Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA) scenarios, and testing operational coordination. Bay Area participation included agencies from 9 counties and 4 cities.

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