Energy and Sustainability

Highlighted Services

We offer the following services for energy projects and economic and sustainability planning. Looking for something different? Call us – our highly skilled staff can meet your needs.

Current Energy Programs

  • Northeast

    • NYSERDA Data Centers
    • NYSERDA Staff Augmentation
    • NYERSDA Real Time Energy Management
    • NYSERDA CEF CRE Tenant
    • PSE&G Hospital Energy Efficiency Program
    • PSE&G Energy $aver Direct Install Program
    • National Fuel Incentive Fuel Program
    • National Fuel National Fuel Incentive
    • NYPA Statewide Audit and Retro-Commissioning
  • South

    • CenterPoint Energy Healthcare Energy Efficiency Program
    • CenterPoint Energy Data Center Pilot Program
    • Xcel Energy
    • PacifiCorp/Rocky Mountain Power Direct Install Offer
    • Pueblo County School District 70
  • Pacific Northwest

    • PacifiCorp/Rocky Mountain Power Direct Install Offer
    • PSE Small Commercial Custom Retrofit
    • PSE Small Business Direct Install
    • PSE C&I Rebate Work
  • Midwest

    • AEP Ohio
    • ComEd Data Centers
    • ComEd Public Sector
  • West

    • California Department of General Services ESCO
    • California Energy Commission – SCAQMD Bundled-Based Energy Efficiency Technology Solutions for California
    • California Community Colleges – Investor-Owned Utility Statewide Energy Efficiency Partnership
    • California Community Colleges Proposition 39 Program PG&E Healthcare Energy Efficiency Program
    • Massachusetts Clean Energy Technology Center Microgrid Feasibility Studies
    • San Francisco Energy Watch
    • SCE Healthcare Energy Efficiency Program
    • SCE Lodging Energy Efficiency Program
    • SCE Data Centers Energy Efficiency Program
    • SCE Schools Energy Efficiency Program
    • SCE-SoCalGas Gateway Partnership
    • SDG&E Business Energy Solutions Program
    • SDG&E Comprehensive Audit Program
    • SDG&E Local Capacity Procurement Program
    • SDG&E Local Government Partnerships Program
    • SoCalGas Commercial Energy Management Technology for Lodging Program
    • SoCalGas Schools Energy Efficiency Program
    • Southern California Regional Energy Network
    • USTDA Middle East Technical University Smart Campus Technical Assistance Project

Related Markets

Many of our clients are industry leaders who are winning accolades and awards for leading their industry in energy and sustainability nationwide. Willdan's clients include markets in every sector - private and public clients, small mom-and-pop shops, Fortune 500 companies, and more.