Example of Secure Client Data

Willdan is constantly improving our own cybersecurity and developing new layers of safety for our client projects.

Willdan designed and regularly updates a database management system, called the Subcontractor Management and Reporting Tool (SMART). SMART allows multiple stakeholders limited access to views of data that are customized to their log-in credentials.

For example, a customer can only view their individual device and site’s information when logged in and cannot add information to the system. A subcontractor can view and add project data to their assigned customers, and so on. Each stakeholder’s access has unique permissions and is secure.

Willdan uses SMART to manage multiple programs on behalf of utilities, including data for over 2.5 million customers and 35,000 projects.

Related Markets

Our team takes cybersecurity into account as part of our tailored, comprehensive solutions for clients across several markets.