Advanced Analytics

Highlighted Project

We have licensed our software to utilities and used it in support of a wide range of projects at public agencies and private firms. Here are just a few of the projects where our technology has been instrumental.

Pacific Gas & Electric Company

LoadSEER License for Forecasting and Planning

Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) has relied on LoadSEER since 2011 as a core application to support its Integrated Grid Planning team, which is responsible for planning, capitalizing and optimizing the future of the electric distribution network that serves over 5 million California customers. LoadSEER provides rigorous load forecasting, solar, storage and EV adoption scenario planning and insights that support capital decisions on where and when to upgrade the system. Use of LoadSEER by PG&E has been recognized by the California Public Utility Commission as a best practice for modeling the future of the electric grid, in the face of changing customer demand and the influx of solar and electric vehicles. LoadSEER provides PG&E decision-makers the dynamic, granular forecasting required to understand the reliability and financial impacts of these changes up to 20 years into the future at hourly resolution.

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