Commercial and Industrial

Highlighted Projects

Willdan demonstrates exemplary performance for our commercial and industrial customers – from launching the largest direct install program in the nation for a major New York utility, to driving high-energy savings in hard-to-reach communities in the Pacific Northwest.

The following projects have been completed as part of our commercial and industrial work.

TowerJass Semiconductor Energy Upgrades

TowerJazz – Newport Beach, CA

Manufacturing Facility Upgrades

Willdan helped TowerJazz optimize their facility’s energy use to maintain a competitive edge in the market. We evaluated potential energy upgrades for the cooling plant, recommended comprehensive solutions, and worked closely with contractors to maximize project savings. Our guidance led to $1,800,000 in utility incentives (largest incentive ever issued by SCE for a third-party program) and 12,500,000 kWh annually and peak demand savings of 1,357 kW.

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Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation Steam Distribution Project

Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation

Steam Distribution Project

With 300 acres, the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation is the not-for-profit organization that serves as the real estate developer and property manager of the Brooklyn Navy Yard on behalf of the City of New York. The Yard is now home to over 330 businesses and employs more than 7,000 people. Willdan led the study and design for a partial replacement of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation’s high-pressure steam distribution system, which allowed further development of the site. This project repurposed an under-utilized space and provided new economic opportunities to Brooklyn businesses.

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Illumina Energy Analysis and Energy Efficiency Projects

Illumina - San Diego, CA

Energy Analysis and Energy Efficiency Projects

An aggressive target of reducing energy use on campus by 20% was set, and Illumina had to find new ways to fulfill this ambitious goal while keeping pace with accelerated growth. Rising to this challenge, Illumina turned to Willdan to conduct a full energy audit, identifying opportunities for savings throughout its 500,000 square foot facility. Illumina implemented 20 of the 40 potential initiatives that Willdan identified, resulting in the campus using less energy in 2014 than the previous year, despite the company’s increased size. Illumina added energy-efficient measures such as exterior lighting upgrades, saving 401,579 kWh annually, and updates to its thermal oxidizer operation which allowed for a one-year return on investment.

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