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Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5 requires state and local government jurisdictions – including water and wastewater agencies – to be NIMS-compliant and encourages public/private partnerships.

Willdan has developed National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS) courses specific to water and wastewater agencies.

Our instructors and course facilitators have significant experience in water and wastewater security, emergency preparedness, and business continuity. All courses are DHS-certified. Eligible agencies may use DHS-TSGP funds for this approved training.

From training to practical hands-on field exercises, Willdan is your one-stop shop for water security solutions. We can build a training and exercise program for any water/wastewater agency, public or private, for field response personnel, emergency operations center (EOC) managers, supervisors, and technical experts, as well as policy-level staff. Willdan staff can also consult with your agency on design and implementation of EOC rooms and mobile incident command centers for field incident command and control.

Site-specific security plans and emergency planning

Protection of critical infrastructure/key resource (CI/KR) facilities through site-specific security planning is cost effective and enhances the safety of your staff. Accidents—natural or man-made—can cause damage and deaths, and disrupt critical water and wastewater operations. It can cost an agency its reputation, the confidence of its customers and the public, and impact its ability to financially recover. How can these negative outcomes be mitigated or averted?

  • Lessen the impact of any emergency or disaster by preparing an effective all-hazard emergency operations plan (EOP). The act of writing an all-hazard emergency plan serves as a catalyst for improved safety and security to reduce the risk of the disaster.
  • Train your staff and exercise the EOP. Proper planning, practice and coordination, with the help of Willdan experts in this field, will enable your agency to work alongside police, fire, emergency medical, and other first responders to establish common objectives and take unified command of the situation.
  • Your EOP must be current and comprehensive yet realistic and easy to understand. Many agencies are required to have site-specific security plans to comply with Homeland Security or other regulations. Willdan offers services to design, implement, review, and evaluate government and business emergency operations, business continuity, and all-hazard mitigation plans. Working closely with key personnel from your agency, we will develop a comprehensive EOP that is tailored to your specific agency responsi­bilities, is non-bureaucratic and easy to understand, and will never be a boil­erplate template.
  • Protect your information. Willdan understands how to work with Homeland Security to ensure that your plan documents are secured under the Protected Critical Infrastructure Information (PCII) provisions of Homeland Security.
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Willdan’s Water Security Solutions group draws from the experts in our homeland security, engineering, and financial services divisions. Together we provide a holistic approach and an unparalleled resource for federal, state and local governments and agencies.

What is critical to emergency plan success?

What will it cost you and your business if your plan fails?

Willdan has the answers.

  • Why Do Emergency Plans Fail?
  • Vulnerability assessment—Do you really know how bad it can be?
  • Mitigation—What can you do before the emergency?
  • Developing your response team
  • Developing an effective emergency plan
  • Training—critical to success
  • Exercises—the most critical component
  • Response—2hat is realistic?
  • Recovery—it starts before the emergency occurs!
  • Terrorism awareness and prevention
  • Practice exercises

Willdan’s emergency planners have over 20 years of “boots-on-the-ground” ex­perience in emergency preparedness and response at the local, state, and federal levels, offering our clients a one-stop shop for their homeland security, public safety, and emergency management services.

Our philosophy of “no detail overlooked and all questions answered” shows in our success in meet­ing our four mission areas—prevention, protection, response, and recovery.