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The Willdan Homeland Solutions team provides practical discussion-based to operations-based emergency preparedness exercises. Our team members have personally designed and implemented exercises for both private industry and numerous Federal, State and local government agencies.

Our exercises can be tailored for single or multi-agency involvement and are fully compliant with NIMS and the National Response Framework, the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation program, and SEMS (California).

Exercise projects include:

  • Pre-event exercises for large-scale venues (Super Bowl, stadium evacuation drills, etc.);
  • Public health exercises evaluating Pandemic Influenza Plans, Mass Dispensing Plans and a wide variety of public health threats;
  • Active Shooter full-scale exercises for hospitals, public health, and law enforcement;
  • Mass casualty transportation disasters;
  • Terrorism incident response;
  • Natural disaster response and recovery.
transportation disaster exercises
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