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Utility Valuation


Utility Valuation Services

Valuation, Acquisition and Divestiture Services

Our staff has been involved in more than 400 valuation and acquisition projects throughout the U.S.  These utility acquisitions have totaled more than $12 billion.  We maintain an extensive and comprehensive database for storing data on comparable sales of water, wastewater, and electric utility systems that contains purchase and sale information on more than 1,000 utility transactions. Our acquisition due diligence work includes inspecting system facilities, reviewing regulatory agency operating reports, identifying system deficiencies that impact value, developing capital improvements needed to meet the demands associated with customer growth, and establishing level of service standards and utility regulations.

Willdan’s comprehensive valuation, acquisition and divestiture services include:

  • Valuations for market-based sales, bank financing and condemnation proceedings
  • Valuations based on a weighting of cost approach, income approach, and comparable sales transactions approach using our extensive database
  • Database research on purchases and sales
  • Transactional and transitional services
  • Engineering due diligence
  • System facilities inspection
  • Regulatory compliance
  • System deficiency identification
  • Capital improvements recommendations
  • Public hearing documentation and participation
  • Reports necessary for funding entities
  • Presentations to funding entities