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To administer client-specific special charges and parcel taxes, Willdan Financial Services utilitizes its unique proprietary database management program MuniMagic℠ - Municipal Administration and Government Information Coordinator, created “from the ground up" by in-house programmers and users.

Our staff uses the system internally in the following ways:

  • Maintain assessor parcel data
  • Calculate special taxes, assessment, fees & charges
  • Manage delinquencies
  • Centrally maintain all bond related information
  • Provide customized and flexible reporting
  • Automatically renumber of parcels
  • Automatically flag retired, expired and sub-divided parcels

Interfaced with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe Acrobat, this database management tool also allows our staff to meet specific client needs/requests.

Since its initial release in 2002, we have continued to improve the MuniMagic application with one major version release, three minor version releases, 77 interim builds and hundreds of screen improvements and programming modifications.


In 2006, Willdan Financial Services implemented a new Storage Area Network with increased network storage capacity, improved data access performance utilizing fiber channel networking, refined data backup infrastructure and enhanced storage scalability - currently allowing Willdan Financial Services to store and access 4.3 terabytes of data with expansion capabilities to over 9 terabytes.

The MuniMagic application was also updated utilizing the latest version of Microsoft's .Net technology in Visual C# and Visual Basic, with hundreds of forms, classes and user controls. It also contains thousands of stored database procedures and functions that access data from our application and data servers. The application and data servers run the latest version of Microsoft Enterprise Server and Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise 2005. MuniMagic provides customizable reporting options by utilizing the latest version of Crystal Reports and allows full ad hoc reporting with extensive customizable field exporting utilizing Microsoft database tool components. Hundreds of main database tables are used to maintain our extensive parcel database, which has entries in the millions.

Also, the MuniMagic application was moved to a new dual-core processor server, offering significant enhancements in processing power. speed, and system memory for handling more complex special district databases and calculations.

The technology used with MuniMagic also allows us to provide our clients with access to parcel data and reports through our website. MuniMagic may be licensed in one of three ways:

  • Access limited parcel specific data via the Internet
  • Access all MuniMagic data, screens and reports for reference purposes after contracting with us for on-going administration services
  • Administer your special districts in-house using all the features and functionality of MuniMagic