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City facility: Heritage Park Aquatic Center

City of Irvine faciliity: Heritage Park Aquatic Center

Facility Financing Plans

As part of a City's general plan or specific plan process, Willdan Financial Services assists in infrastructure planning and financing related to growth.

This includes the following key elements:

  • Identifying the improvements and facilities that will be required to support future development through the build out of the Agency's comprehensive plan;
  • Determining the cost of these improvements and facilities;
  • Identifying necessary improvements and facilities as development proceeds or occurs and preserving the community's quality of life; and
  • Identifying how the improvements and facilities will be financed.

A cornerstone of this program is the preparation of a "Capital Facilities Financing Plan." As growth occurs, this financing plan identifies what and when public facilities are needed,as well as the cost of these facilities, and how they are to be financed. The Capital Facilities Financing Plan is developed concurrently with the Capital Facilities Element of the city's Comprehensive Plan. The Capital Element identifies facility components that are required to repair infrastructure and/or to accommodate growth.