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transportation engineering

Orange County Transportation Authority, State Route 91 Widening / HOV Lanes

Willdan's transportation engineering team has the expertise to solve today's sophisticated and varied transportation challenges. By offering turnkey services, we are able to handle design and operational challenges for all levels of transportation projects, from residential streets to interstate highways.

To ensure a unified and cohesive approach, Willdan provides in-house staff capabilities with a full spectrum of support functions, including right-of-way engineering, utility research, coordination and relocation, landscape conceptual design and renderings, survey and mapping, geographic information systems, public outreach, and interagency coordination.

Among our transportation expertise are:

  • pavement management systems
  • street and bridge widening
  • freeway interchanges
  • carpool lanes
  • seismic retrofit
  • congestion management programs
  • rail transit, commuter rail, and high-speed rail systems.