geotechnical engineering and material testing services
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Willdan provides material testing and special inspection services, alongside a full complement of geotechnical engineering and geology services. We maintain a full-service materials and soil testing laboratory certified by the City of Los Angeles, (DSA) Division of State Architects and California Department of Transportation. We also participate in the AMRL, CCRL, and Caltrans Proficiency Programs. We provide consulting engineering and construction support services to public agencies for capital improvement projects and to private developers for major civil and commercial/ industrial projects, or as third-party reviews.

With our staff of special inspectors, field technicians, laboratory technicians, a pool of qualified specialty inspectors and technicians, geotechnical engineers and geologists we can provide services on any size project.

materials testing
  • Pre-stressed and reinforced concrete
  • Shotcrete/gunite
  • DSA shotcrete
  • Structural masonry
  • DSA structural masonry
  • AWS / CWI
  • Structural steel welding and high-strength bolting
  • Building inspector
  • Shear wall inspection
  • Spray applied fireproofing
  • Drilled in anchors / epoxy injection
  • Batch plant inspection
  • Core extraction and testing
  • Hydraulic pull testing
  • Concrete cylinder sampling and testing
  • Reinforcing steel sampling and testing
  • Masonry mortar/grout/prism testing
  • Ceiling and splay wire testing
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Mix design review
  • Road and floor flatness testing