Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
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Why use GIS?

Your organization’s asset data is much easier to interpret when visualized with maps and symbols rather than pages of statistics.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) help public agencies save money by making informed decisions.  Organizing information by location highlights the inter-related nature of an agency’s departments and activities.  GIS provides an intuitive method for accessing and managing an agency’s valuable collection of record documents.

Why choose Willdan for GIS Services?

We are engineers and planners.  We have performed thousands of projects for hundreds of public agencies.  We know how to use the analysis capabilities of GIS to solve many types of problems faced by managers of public agencies.

Hundreds of analysis tools allow you to quickly obtain the information you need.  Tools can be chained together in models and scripts to automate frequently performed tasks.

GIS makes it easier to manage many types of projects

Infrastructure Inventory and Management

  • Water, sewer and storm drain
  • Pavement
  • Lighting
  • Signs
  • Landscaping and Irrigation

Community Mapping

  • General Plan and Zoning
  • Permit Tracking
  • Assessment District Formation and Administration
  • Cadastral Data Mapping and Analysis
  • Housing Inventory
  • Street Address Assignment

Public Safety

  • Emergency Management
  • Hazard Mitigation Planning
  • Public Health

Information Technology

  • Data and Document Conversion
  • Mobile Data Collection

Representative Projects

City of Los Angeles Tsunami Preparedness Project

tsunami route

In 2009, the California Emergency Management Agency re-mapped the potential tsunami inundation zone for California coastal areas based on new scientific evidence. The City of Los Angeles hired Willdan to revise emergency response documents and evacuation routes using inundation zone data from CalEMA. 

Willdan used GIS throughout the project to revise evacuation maps; document the location and condition of existing signage with GPS; determine new sign locations; and provide data to various city departments, LA County and LA Harbor Department..

City of Rolling Hills Estates Storm Drain System

The City contracted with Willdan's GIS group to map the city's storm drain system using GPS handheld and a custom data collection application; determine condition of storm drain pipes; analyze the storm drain data; and develop a phased plan to clean and perform CCTV inspection on the storm drains. Our GIS group presented the report findings and map atlas to the City Council.