Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
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Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are used to display and analyze any type of spatially referenced information. GIS has applications in practically every walk of life including health care, crime enforcement and prevention, financial analysis, wildlife management and conservation, military planning, disaster management and many other disciplines.

In the arena of Public Works, GIS has found wide application in infrastructure mapping, analysis, design and management. Willdan Engineering provides a full range of GIS services. We have staff from a variety of disciplines trained in GIS including civil, environmental, structural and transportation engineers, municipal planners, CAD operators and project managers. Willdan also has a dedicated GIS department that coordinates all GIS activities at the firm.

Willdan provides the following GIS services to government agencies:

  • Mapping and modeling for water, wastewater and stormwater collection systems
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling
  • Field data collection
  • Pavement management
  • Municipal planning and zoning
  • Land subdivision
  • Building permits
  • Transportation planning and traffic analysis
  • Vehicle routing
  • Police and fire departments
  • Disaster management
  • NPDES IC/ID reporting
  • GASB 34 asset inventory
  • Assessment district management & maintenance district mapping
  • Housing inventory/blight analysis
  • Street address assignment

Representative Projects

GIS POD Report

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health POD Project

The L.A. County DPH contracted Willdan to evaluate and plan more than 100 sites as Point of Dispensing facilities to mass-distribute vaccines and medications during a public health emergency. Willdan Engineering and Willdan Homeland Solutions teamed to provide the needed expertise in security, building inspection, analysis and mapping.

Willdan’s GIS team provided site plans, floor plans, parking capacity analysis, ingress and egress maps, and traffic control analysis and mapping. GIS was used to analyze access to public transit, map locations of interior and exterior security posts, locate secure facilities for storage of medical supplies, and to produce a variety of other planning resources for emergency responders.