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Every city has a plan for disaster preparedness and response, but does your city have a plan for long-term recovery?

Your answer can translate into millions of dollars in lost revenue and the future vitality of your city. Willdan has experience dealing with earthquakes, firestorms, mud slides, and similar disasters that can severely strain a community's resources.

  • Operation of one-stop building permit centers
  • FEMA Public Assistance experience
  • Fast mobilization response
  • Guaranteed plan check and inspection turn-around performance
  • Ability to staff up and staff down with the workload
  • High level of public satisfaction

Willdan has established a reputation for assisting communities in the recovery process following major disasters. Immediately after these events, an efficient means of reviewing and approving building permit applications and providing construction inspection must be provided for affected property owners. Most city staffs are hard pressed to maintain their ongoing services while assisting the citizens impacted by a major disaster.

Willdan has organized and staffed several disaster recovery centers which function as "one-stop permit center" which guarantee turn-around performance for fast-track plan checking and inspection services.

Public Assistance for many of these projects is provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Office of Emergency Services. Prompt, accurate damage assessments, as well as expert multi-agency coordination, are essential for a community to receive all the assistance it needs. Willdan has the experience needed to hit the ground running when every minute counts.

In addition, Willdan has assisted disaster-affected cities and counties with challenges such as:

  • street and storm drain clean-up;
  • removal of burned vehicles;
  • replacement or repair of damaged storm drains, streets, and bridges;
  • debris management;
  • preparation and implementation of a near-term erosion and sediment control program.

Representative Project

Town of Kearny, Airport and Wastewater Treatment Plant Flood Reconstruction: Pinal County, Arizona

Airport of the Year, 2003, Arizona Department of Transportation

Kearny plane

Severe flooding of the Gila River in 1993 destroyed Kearny's airport runway, wastewater treatment plant, recreational lake, campground and appurtenant facilities. Willdan was hired to provide design and construction management services to restore these facilities and to mitigate their exposure to future flooding.

As program manager, Willdan attended weekly meetings with FEMA and ADEM, developed over six alternatives for the reconstruction projects, and coordinated and balanced regulations and funding requirements of over 13 Federal, State and county agencies. Willdan submitted over 150 funding documents soliciting FEMA and state funds for Kearny, successfully securing $13 million.