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Willdan currently provides about 70 cities and counties with both interim and long-term contract staff support services such as:

  • Capital improvements planning
  • Funding application assistance
  • User rate studies
  • Special assessments
  • Planning Commission services
  • Contract administration
  • Construction project inspection
  • Roadway design, inventory and rehabilitation
  • Impact studies
  • Community outreach
  • Fire Marshall services
  • Code enforcement management

planning counter staff
building department staff

Public agencies have contracted with Willdan when it is not cost-effective to have a full-time engineer on staff; to relieve peak workload situations; or to fill vacant positions during a job search. Willdan has also provided to small or newly incorporated cities the functions of entire departments, such as building and safety, engineering, planning, or public works. In other instances, public agencies have retained Willdan personnel to serve as city engineers, building officials, case planners, public works directors, or project managers for large or unusually complex projects.

Many of our staff members have served as government agency staff prior to joining Willdan, providing a genuine understanding that when we serve in contract staffing assignments we are the agency’s staff, serving at the request of its council and citizens. In addition, our staff has extensive experience conducting and participating in public meetings, addressing residents’ concerns and developing a consensus toward the community goals.