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Subscriber and Asset Management, in the rapidly evolving Community Energy industry, present unique challenges for all project stakeholders. Managing enrollment, invoicing, collections, retention and everyday customer questions can be daunting. For Willdan, this type of work is routine, adding robust value and horse power for our clients to meet their goals.

Administration, accounting and management of thousands of customer accounts is in our DNA. For over 20 years, Willdan has been a trusted partner implementing and managing financial services for over 1,500 clients. In the most recent year, Willdan handled over $650 million in transactions on behalf of our clients.

Willdan’s Wattcommons℠ Platform resolves these challenges and many other soft cost inducing tasks by leveraging over 50 years of proven energy, engineering and financial services administration into a unified platform capable of delivering a full suite of services to utilities, financiers, and project developers.

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Improving Project Profitability. One Customer at a Time.

Wattcommons integrated subscriber asset management services are designed to optimize project revenues via a sophisticated process and software suite which are at the core of our Wattcommons platform. Wattcommons improves project profitability and bankability by:

  • Leveraging mature, existing company resources and infrastructure
  • Reducing margin stacking cost through a single end-to-end platform
  • Combining asset and subscriber management under one bankable roof
  • Mitigating risk of multiple service providers and their inability to execute
  • Utilizing a nationwide internal network of proven engineers and professionals
  • Optimizing system performance and customer satisfaction


50+ years working with utilities, municipalities and commercial clients uniquely positions Willdan to deliver certainty and stability resulting in bankable Community Energy subscriber and asset management solutions for all stakeholders.