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Auto shop lighting upgrade project


Save with Commercial Direct Install of Energy Upgrades

Take control of your energy use and improve your bottom line!

If you are an eligible businesses in Con Edison territory, it's as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. At no charge, Willdan will visit your business and recommend ways you can save energy. We’ll also tell you how much it will cost to upgrade your equipment and how much Con Edison will cover.
  2. You decide if and when the job gets done. Con Edison will pay its percent of the cost directly to the contractor, and you pay the difference. No waiting for rebates.
  3. Start saving: the energy that you save with system upgrades pay for themselves over time.

Why companies hire Willdan

  • Improve lighting quality
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Go green
  • Utility incentives

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What our customers say

The work was actually done in one day. I am amazed! The crew worked without interfering with our patient care routines and was very polite to our staff. Thank you for coordinating this project with us and a big thank you to the crew who did the labor.  - Martin Berman, CEO of Comprehensive Pediatrics in Staten Island, NY

Pediatric clinic lighting

Lighting Upgrades for Comprehensive Pediatrics, Staten Island

Willdan replaced fluorescent T8’s with LED lighting in 44 fixtures and five LED exterior flood lights.

  • Estimated Annual Energy Cost Savings: $2,700
  • Total Cost of upgrades: $7,639
  • Con Edison Incentive: $5,206
  • Cost to Customer: $2,432
  • Payback Period: <1 Year