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Small Business Energy Advantage (SBEA), Energize CT

Reducing costs to give you a competitive advantage

The Small Business Energy Advantage (SBEA) Program provides small to medium-sized facilities with a turn-key solution that makes it easy and affordable for you to lower costs and improve profitability by upgrading to high-efficiency equipment.

Willdan is an authorized Energize Connecticut contractor in United Illuminating (UI) and Southern Connecticut Gas (SCG) territory, selected through a selective bidding process.

Contact us today to learn more about how your business can benefit by participating in SBEA, and receive a free, no-obligation energy assessment.

Email or call 1.844.WILLDAN

Who is eligible?

  • Commercial and industrial customers with an average 12-month peak electric demand up to 200 kW
  • For natural gas measures, must be an SCG customer

How does it work?

  1. Willdan works with UI and SCG to confirm eligibility and then schedules a visit to your facility.
  2. During the visit, our energy engineer conducts an energy assessment of your facility at no cost or obligation to you.
  3. UI and SCG reviews and approves the assessment.
  4. Willdan presents the assessment results to you. We will review costs, estimated energy savings, program incentives and financing options for all possible energy-efficiency measures.
  5. You select which measures you wish to have installed and sign an agreement to proceed.

For the free energy audit, work typically begins within 30 days. For your selected energy improvements, you have the option to pay nothing up front. SBEA program incentives will offset a portion of the cost of the eligible measures. Interest-free financing for the balance of the project is available for qualified customers. The financed amount will appear on your monthly electric bill, allowing you to make just one monthly payment for both your SBEA loan and electric bill.

SBEA Flyer
Download Flyer to see eligible upgrades

Willdan is a publicly traded company that has been in business for 50 years and is a national leader in energy efficiency. Willdan’s energy auditors and engineers have performed thousands of assessments for small businesses like yours. We also perform in-depth energy studies of larger, more complex projects including hospitals, data centers, universities and manufacturing facilities.

Energize Connecticut programs funded by a charge on customer energy bills.